Hi, I'm Peter Ellingson

I provide personal training classes in Vancouver, BC.

The sessions are tailored to your own individual
needs and include full nutritional support.

Exercise isn’t easy. It should be mentally and physically challenging. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. At EPIC, I focus in on your specific needs and create a personal training and nutritional program that hones in on your exact requirements.

Since each session and individual is unique, I will work with you on many different techniques and a range of equipment to push your body to the correct limit. I enjoy changing things up regularly, as it not only works different muscle groups to help your overall toning, but it keeps things fresh for you mentally. If your head’s in the game, you’ll always look forward to seeing what comes next.

By combining personal training with nutritional information, you can get all your fitness needs in one place, rather than doubling up. This not only saves you time and money, it’s much more efficient from a training perspective. Here are some of the benefits you’ll get:

  • Get into better shape
  • Sculpt your overall body
  • Fine tune your skills as an athlete
  • Build upon your abilities as an artistic performer
  • Improve your appearance
  • Feel better about yourself

People think Holistic Nutrition is just another word for dieting. That’s far from the truth. Instead, it’s a way to completely makeover how you think about eating and what you put into your body. This isn’t just about “losing weight” or “toning your body.” It’s also about exercising your mind and overall well being. Here are a few examples of the numerous health aspects we can tackle together:

  • Fine tuning your body for sculpting and development
  • Getting maximum athletic performance
  • Enhancing specific functions for a healthy body
  • Elevating your everyday emotional state
  • Keeping a sharp mental focus and clarity
  • Increased energy throughout the entire day
  • Deep satisfying sleep
  • Injury recovery
  • Rebuilding and rebalancing your immune system
  • Detoxifying
  • Overcoming anxiety
  • Hormone balancing
  • Removing addictions (from big ones to small cravings like sugar)

Complimentary Assessment

After your free consultation, i will put together an in-depth assessment of the key target areas for you and your body. Looking at your body type and lifestyle, I will suggest the best course of action for you to take in terms of personal training and nutrition.

Personal Fitness Program

Using a combination of cardio workouts and weight training, we will work on a personal fitness program together, one that fits in perfectly with your lifestyle to get the maximum results you deserve!

Nutritional Program

Besides just "working out," I will help you set up a unique nutritional program to provide your body with the proper nutrients and building blocks to make the most of our training together. In addition to helping you achieve a better body, the right nutrition will give you a better outlook on life all around.

Real Results

Even though you'll quickly see results as we start working together, we will constantly be changing things up both in terms of physical fitness programs, as well as your nutritional plan. Your body will be adjusting to your routine, and we'll be adjusting with it.

Through my unique background, history, and studies, I have both the skills and knowledge to train your body and inspire your mind.

Fitness and nutrition has always been important to me. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been an extremely active individual, not one to just sit still and let life pass me by. These days, I enjoy keeping busy with a variety of physical activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, martial arts, yoga, and snowboarding.

I also love training and continually learning about nutrition and fitness. When faced with some unique medical conditions, I began devouring medical and health books, learning anything and everything I could about nutrition and optimal health. Coupled with serious educational studies, I have earned a number of key certifications. New techniques are always being discovered and I love to constantly continue my education.

Certifications & Training

  • ACE (American Council on Exercise ) Certified PT
  • CNP Nutrition Certified
  • Spinal Stabilization
  • Posture Correction and Development
  • Sport Specific Development
  • Weight Loss
  • Lean Muscle Building
  • Balance and Coordination Development

When I was in my 20s, life threw some major hurdles in my path. I was diagnosed with arthritis in my hips and lower back, as well as a degenerated lower lumbar. For someone young and extremely active, this was a death sentence. Doctors told me to just accept it and learn to live with a non-active lifestyle.

Not a chance.

I studied up and recovered. It wasn’t easy but I refused to give in. I just couldn’t accept what doctors were telling me. Settling just wasn’t in my blood. So I studied a great deal of health and medical journals in order to heal my body by increasing self awareness about how bodies work.

It worked and I was able to live an active lifestyle once again. Until my late 20s, that is, when unexplained symptoms built up so much I could barely walk. No one could give me a proper diagnosis and all those countless tests were fruitless.

I refused to give up.

Through personal studies and holistic nutrition schooling, I solved the puzzle myself and soon understood what I was dealing with. I overcame an odd combination of toxicity, nutrient deficiency by malabsorption, dysbiosis, candida overgrowth, and severe adrenal fatigue. Now I teach running classes and push people to their full potential.

Excuses are just a waste of breath.

My beliefs are extremely simple. It’s all about strength. True strength.

To achieve your goals, you need strength on all levels. That means rebuilding your body from the very core of your being — your cells — all the way on up. That’s why what you put into your body is as important as how you exercise your muscles.

Using a holistic approach, I help bring out the ultimate shape and performance of your body. Every individual is unique, so I custom tailor specific programs to each of my clients. We go over a very special diet and nutrition plan, as well as a unique fitness program. There is only one you, so shouldn’t you have your very own fitness plan?

I can help you get strong. I can help you work your muscles, fuel your body, and find a strong balance in your life.

I can offer you the inspiration, guidance, and motivation to achieve your health and fitness goals.

The most important weapon you have in life, though, is your will. Keep it strong and there is nothing you can’t achieve!

Stay strong!

Personal Trainer
ACE Certified
To pay for your sessions, choose one of the options below. Payments will be processed via PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account for this) and you can pay with any major credit cards. After booking your sessions, use the contact area below to arrange the days and times for your sessions with me. Special pricing is available for couples and groups. Contact me for details.
$ 80 / session
1 session for $80
No savings
√  Sessions are 60 min each.
√  Includes free assessment.
√  Contact me to set your day.
$ 70 / session
5 sessions for $350
You save $50
√  Sessions are 60 min each.
√  Includes free assessment.
√  Contact me to set your day.
$ 65 / session
10 sessions for $650
You save $150
√  Sessions are 60 min each.
√  Includes free assessment.
√  Contact me to set your day.
$ 60 / session
15 sessions for $900
You save $300
√  Sessions are 60 min each.
√  Includes free assessment.
√  Contact me to set your day.
Peter is an excellent personal trainer who has the knowledge, the personality and the ambition to take your fitness skills to the next level. I know this from personal experience. I lost three belt loops in just over two months of working out with him.I would recommend him for anyone at any level.
- Kryshan Randel / Film Director/Teacher
Peter is an incredible personal trainer. His strong intuition, focus and integrity has allowed my training to go deeper in sculpting my body to its ideal and optimize my health. His tailored workout fits my needs and are absolutely fun yet challenging at the same time. Thank you Peter for supporting me on my journey.
- Baljit Rayat / Intuitive Soul Coach, LotusDestiny.com
Peter is brilliant, enthusiastic, and really cares about his clients. Most importantly he takes the time to understand you and your goals. I actually look forward to my workouts with Peter. Thanks Peter!
- Raj Parmar / Nursing Consultant, Photographer
Peter is able to motivate me to push through my usual workout limits. He has great knowledge of a wide variety of fitness techniques. With his help I have been able to forge an awesome diet and exercise regimen that has brought me solid results.
- Andy Thompson / Film Actor, Theatre Director
Peter is extremely dedicated and has an excellent understanding of what's right for your body type. He's also very knowledgeable about nutrition and supplements, which compliments my general health and adds further benefit to the training sessions. He's also great guy and a genuine person, who's true to his work.
- Joel S. / Software Developer
I love my workouts with Peter! His professional yet friendly approach to training makes the sessions a lot of fun. His sharing of vast knowledge about fitness and nutrition perfectly complements my workouts. The exercises are fun, diverse and engaging, making our sessions challenging yet enjoyable at the same time.
- Walter A. / Web Designer
To set up a free consultation, arrange a time for a session or for any other inquiries, please fill out the form below. Emails are replied within 1 business day.




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Clients are trained out of The Academy Studio. The studio has the newest available quality equipment, towel service, filtered water, well kept locker room, shower facilities and personal care products. I can also travel to you and train at your home gym or outdoors.
Kits Location 672 Leg in Boot Square, Vancouver, B.C.